Working with massive WordPress sites, clients and enterprise

by Ben May
Slow websites are bad and as websites grow in traffic, slow websites get slower. It’s often a wise move to invest a small amount of time in the early stages of a site’s life to think about performance and scaling. How you can work with larger sites when it comes to caching, file management (version control), SQL performance and front-end optimisation.

Ben works with a number of high traffic Australian WordPress sites and will use some examples from his day-to-day life in terms of performance, scaling and growing pains that he (as a developer) and his clients have faced. How do you manage the management and performance of an enterprise site? Servers, Virtual servers, CDNs, Caching, Fragment caching, fine-tuned queries, MySQL configuration, server-side debugging and more!

Ben May

Ben is a WordPress developer based in Queensland, focusing on a handful of enterprise and large-scale clients, and plugin development.

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