WordPress and Git

by Amelia Smith
How to stop cowboy coding for good by using Git for WordPress development that can then be used on a live environment.

Amelia Smith

I didn’t start out as a geek. I worked for 12 years as a Chef before I fell into WordPress and computer code.

In 2005 I made a bold career change and moved from the hospitality industry to the Telecommunications industry as a Call Center chick. A year later I started my first WordPress blog and I started to learn how to use code in my spare time. By 2010 I had enough knowledge and experience to gain a role in the IT department as a Web Developer.

I don’t use WordPress in my day job at all, so my experience with WordPress has developed outside of my role. My current site, Ten0Nine, is a culmination of all my learning experiences with WordPress and computer code.

Ten0Nine is a site that teaches newcomers how to set up their own website without all the ‘Geekery’.

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