Sexy WordPress – How to Choose the Right Theme

by Glenn Todd and Debbie Symons
There are 1000’s of WordPress themes out there all vying for your love… we will show you how to find the right one to make you look hot and achieve your goals. For WordPress virgins through to the more experienced, we will explain all traits to look for in a theme that will make for a great long term partnership.

Glenn Todd

Glenn is the founder and director of Dvize Creative – a Melbourne-based web design and development agency established in 2000. With a reputation as a teacher, Glenn is known for simplifying the often very technical aspects of the web so that his clients are empowered to manage their websites independently.

Debbie Symons

Debbie is Dvize’s Project Manager aka The Ringmaster. She does the fun jobs, such as working with clients, training them on how use WordPress, uploading their content, installing functionality. In her free time she is completing her PhD thesis and works as an artist. Her work explores the interconnections between free market capitalism and species demise.

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