Sack your Developer – 9 1/2 free WordPress Plugins to keep you sane while blogging

by Phil Steinke
Most people go home from a Wordcamp eager to install heaps of plugins, a new responsive theme, and guest post all over the place. The result is pandemonium of too much happening on your website. Instead, take a moment to consider the user journey through your website. Most of you are aspiring pro-bloggers, some developers, so you’re going to have a product or service to sell.

tl;dr: If a plugin or feature on your site will distract the user from buying your product, remove it. We’re going to focus on the absolute essentials of what you need, and then what gets in the way.

Phil Stienke

In 2008, on a beach in Vietnam, Phil Steinke started developing for WordPress. At the time his main aim was pocket money for 50c beers and Pho.

Today Phil is lucky to earn a living building responsive WordPress themes and working as a film producer, filming videos for bloggers and delivering‘s social media.

Phil believes in giving back by building multiple free plugins and has a grand dream called, a hub to distribute film online.

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