Photoshop Best Practice for WordPress

by Blaz Robar
Many web designers start off in the Print Design industry and make the bold move over to digital. Unfortunately, this can be a tricky cross over as the many technical restricts that apply in print are completely different for screen design and web design. This talk aims to show both designers and developers the Photoshop etiquette to happily passing their pixel perfect designs, to their developer for easy cutting and development of their designs.

Blaz Robar

Blaz’s passions in life revolve around creative expression and a quirky outlook on life. He’s kind of like the Robin Hood of PSD files. This makes for a unique design style and approach to every web design project.

With over 8 years experience, Blaz has personally designed hundreds of unique WordPress websites into existence, a pixel Jedi of some sorts. His best friends in life are a 13inch Macbook Pro, 27th inch Apple Cinema Display, and his iPhone 5. With these few modern luxuries, Blaz aims to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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