dis [content] – a panel on blog content

by Kylie Gusset, Do Good Radio & TV and Susan Jones
We’re the writers, the makers, the doers. we just want to get our stuff up there, and tell the world about it, so how come it’s so easy, or so hard to do that? In this panel discussion, we’ll go over the how & why we got into online publishing, what our plans are, the stuff we love & hate. We’ll give the tales from the trenches so you don’t make the mistakes that we have. As wordpress users, we’ll go into the nitty gritty of why we chose the platform & our tips & tricks.

Kylie Gusset

Kylie has been using the web for nefarious means since 1998. David Jones, Sportsgirl, GlaxoSmithKline, Chrysalis Radio UK & many other Large Important Sounding Companies have been on the receiving end of her front end design & content skills. She’s been a user & abuser of blogging platforms including blogger, greymatter, moveable type & wordpress. Her life these days revolves around wool, knitting & using the web for nefarious means.

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