Beating Spam on your blog or site

by Vlad Lasky
We all know that spam sucks. People who run WordPress sites are likely encounter the following forms of spam:

*Email spam
*Post Comment spam
*Contact Form spam
*Trackback spam

Most spam today is machine-generated by automated programs or “spambots” that trawl the net, but human spammers still play a part.

Vlad’s talk will show us how we can reduce the incidence of spam on our WordPress sites without impeding the ability of clients, customers and website visitors to communicate, comment and contribute to your site.

During his talk, Vlad will discuss several freely available off-the-shelf plugins that target the various forms of spam, outline how they work and explain how to get the most out of them. He will also share various other tips to help make your site resistant to spam.

Vlad Lasky

Vladimir Lasky, Computer Systems Engineer and public performer, discovered WordPress in early 2008 when he first got into blogging. He immediately recognised WordPress to be a powerful enabling tool to help everyday people build a strong online voice with far less effort than before.

Today, he is the lead developer at Aussie WP Expert, a WordPress development & consulting business based in Sydney, and has presented talks on WordPress security at WordCamp Sydney 2012 and WordCamp Gold Coast 2011.

Outside of WordPress, Vlad is involved with other Engineering/IT businesses including Precision Tracking – a provider of GPS vehicle and fleet Tracking solutions and which develops remotely accessible laboratories for science and engineering education.

He also works as an Actor and has a keen interest in synthesizer keyboards & electronic music.

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