Actionable Analytics

by Stephen Cronin
Everyone uses a web analytics package on their website – but how many people do anything beyond check the number of page views and where the traffic is coming from? Analytics packages are packed with so much more information – information you can take and do something with that will improve your site. You just need to work out where to find that information and what to do with it. I’ll show you how you can action your analytics data, giving you a better site.

Stephen Cronin

Stephen started developing websites in 1997 and is passionate about all things web. For the last 5 years, he has managed websites for a Queensland Government department, giving him an in-depth understanding of SEO, Content Strategy, Information Architecture and User Experience for large scale sites.

He started blogging in 2007, but quickly found he spent more time writing WordPress plugins than he did writing posts. He has been developing for WordPress ever since. Stephen (occasionally) blogs about WordPress and can be found on Twitter @StephenCronin.

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