A blank Canvas, WooThemes Canvas as a Theme Framework

by Sofia Woods
When it comes to development of WordPress sites, we’ve all got our own swag of theme development tools – and now here’s another. Developed by Woothemes, the Canvas theme, which can be used as a theme framework, helps to rapidly speed up your theme development time.

Canvas is child theme friendly, has advanced functionally to help you hook into WordPress the right way and helps you make beautifully designed sites. Oh and it’s responsive and WooCommerce compatible too. Sofia will take you through making a child theme for Canvas, some of the key features of the framework and hopefully show you some useful techniques to help you speed up your WordPress theme development.

Sofia Woods

Believe it or not, in her previous life, Sofia was a circus performer and dancer and after tiring of the bright lights of theatres and big tops, Sofia swapped her trapeze for a Mac. So instead of learning routines she learned code and stumbled upon WordPress which helped her become creative in a whole new way. She’s now the Creative Director of Shortie Designs and teaches HTML & CSS as part of QUT Creative Industries Interactive & Visual Design Faculty. She works with small businesses, creatives and non-profits designing and developing user focused web sites, social media strategies and providing digital training and consultation. She’s fascinated by UX, addicted to plugins, apps and Instagram, and loves helping people make sense of the web.

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