Spreading the Word(Camp)

So, WordCamp is 4 weeks away and between now and then we’re going to be focusing on getting the word out and making sure every possible person who might want to go to WordCamp Melbourne has the chance to come along!

This means you’ll see a few more blog posts, regular newsletters on Mondays – (are you signed up to the mailing list??) and there’ll be a whole lot of tweeting going on.

We’d like to give you the opportunity to get involved in helping us by retweeting our cheeky tweets, sharing our newsletters and blog posts and sharing the stuff that will start appearing on our facebook page… this event is for you, and will be even better if your friends also catch the WordPress bug… so tell them about it!! This event is one of the best places to go where all those around you are as crazy for tech, open source, and blogging as you are…

So we’re starting this campaign with one we also did for WordCamp Sydney… We want YOU to be a WordCamp Badger!!

wordcampbadgerWe have a couple of very cool swag and promo packs to give away to a couple of lucky badgers… and if you don’t have a badge on your site or blog you won’t be in the running… so, if you are registered to come to WordCamp Melbourne, or are a speaker or sponsor grab a badge, stick it on your site, take a screenshot of your badge in all its glory and post that photo to our facebook page… and if you want, post a link to your site as well. We’ll update our Badger Album and you’ll be in the draw!! Go on, what are you waiting for? Here’s where to see a few of our badges already… why not add your name to the list!

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3 Responses to Spreading the Word(Camp)

  1. I’ve just added a badge to my website 🙂

  2. Zac Gordon says:

    Just added a badge to my site as well!