Call for Volunteers

21-WordPress-HoodieSo, if the ticket price has been tripping you up, and you’re capable of lending a hand to the organizers for WordCamp Melbourne, we have an offer for you.

We have 6 Volunteer positions (free tickets) available for willing participants who would like to come along and help out.

Specifically, here are the roles we need filled…

Venue Monitor. This means being vigilant and making sure rubbish is cleared, the venue is tidy and spills are dealt with quickly. You’ll keep the place looking incredbile, both for our delegates, and for the venue owners, who we want to feel as though we love their venue like they do!

Lunch Servers. We are serving lunches to everyone and are going to need 4 people to take care of the food service. This will mean taking delivery from the caterer, storing it in the fridges and bringing the food out to the servery in time for lunch.

Stills Photographer. While we’re aware that lots of people bring their cameras and phones to WordCamp, we’re keen to have someone with event photography experience dedicated to record the whole of WordCamp with some awesome photos that we can use and reuse for promotions for Meetups, WordCamps and other WordPress related events.

All of these positions are by application and will require attendance at both days of the conference to qualify for the free ticket; and should you be a successful applicant, please treat your free ticket with the respect it deserves and commit to be there, we would be incredibly disappointed if our volunteers bailed on us at the last minute… we will be relying on you!!

So, if the above sounds like you… please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch!!

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